How to Choose Your Spa’s Water Temperature April 18,2018.

Finding the proper temperature for your hot tub is essential to your hot tub experience. Though it is up to your comfort and preference while setting your spa’s temperature, but there are a few considerations to take for health, seasons, and electricity energy efficiency. As a spa/swim spa supplier, we would like to recommend you some tips about how to choose your spa temperature.

The Spa’s Maximum Temperature

40 is the standard maximum temperature, which some users also prefer. The consumer product safety administration recommends that healthy adults set the water temperature at 37.8 for safe enjoyment. Majority of spa user will choose 37.8-38.9.

JOYSPA power supply for the bathtub thermostat is 220V 50/60HZ, max constant temperature ranges 40-45, and protection temperature is 55-60.

Keep the Temperature Consistent in Winter

During the winter, some people assume that they should lower the water temperature while they are not using the hot tub and then reheat it right before they get it. They may think that this will save energy and money.  In fact, it does more bad than good. It causes unnecessary stress on your heater and circuit board, which can lead to more wear and tear.

If you have not winterized your spa and won’t be using your hot tub for extended periods during the coldest months, the very lowest temperature you should set for the spa tub is 26.7. This will prevent your hot tub from freezing. If you have a high quality hot tub cover, like our spa thermo cover, your hot tub should use little energy to maintain its temperature.

Best Temperature for Warm Days

You can also use your hot tub to cool down during the summer. Just lower the temperature to 35℃. Because the temperature will be lower than your body temperature, it’ll feel refreshing on hot days. If you really want to enjoy cool water on a sunny day, reduce your temperature to 29.4℃.

Safe Temperature for Children

Children under age 5 should not be in hot tubs over 35, and should only remain in hot tubs for 5-10 minutes at a time. During the breaks between soaks, make sure children drink plenty of water to cool down and rehydrate.

Other health concerns

If you are pregnant, have high blood pressure, heart conditions, circulatory problems or are taking medications, talk to your physician about whether you are able to safely use a hot tub.


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